It's record producer and composer Mark CoolNerd Unthank's passion project all about funk music. Funk Voyage journeys through styles of funk music collaborating with a talented roster of funk-loving musicians. Performers on album include Mark Emory, Carlton Jumel Smith, Antonia Marquee, Francis L, Jill Jones, Rachel MaxannAaron Whitby, and CallScottie.

"Keep On Dancin'", (feat. Mark Emory & Carlton Jumel Smith) on Spotify. It's the third song from FunkVoyage. It was written by fathers to their children. It encourages their children to be brave and believe in themselves. It encourages their children to see injustice and fight against it. Verse one is about self confidence. Verse two is about facing injustice foreboding the January 6, 2021 insurrection.

"Stand Together", (feat. Mark Emory) on Spotify. It's the second song from FunkVoyage and is reflective of and in support of African Americans from an African America perspective. Find its Spotify link here:

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