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FunkVoyage is American record producer and composer Mark CoolNerd Unthank's passion project all about funk music. FunkVoyage journeys through styles of funk music, collaborating with a talented roster of funk-loving musicians. Performers on project are Antonia Marquee, Mark Emory, Carlton Jumel Smith, MonLee Mane, Francis L, Prax, SweethangCallScottie, and Aaron Whitby.

"Dance On The Milky Way" (feat. Mark Emory) is the sixteenth song from FunkVoyage. It's an up-tempo funk/pdisco song about releasing stress on the dance floor.

"Hot Damn" (feat. Antonia Marquee) is the fifteenth song from FunkVoyage. It's an up-tempo funk/pop groove song revealing desires for a new lover.

"Better Ask Somebody" (feat. Antonia Marquee) is the fourteenth song from FunkVoyage. It's an up-tempo funk/pop groove soulful, sexy and self-affirming testimony.

"This Love Train" (feat. Antonia Marquee) is the thirteenth song from FunkVoyage. It's an Afropop groove with lyrics about love for humanity.

"Loving You Is Easy" (feat. Monlee Mane & Antonia Marquee) is the twelfth song from FunkVoyage. It's a smooth r&b/pop love song where lovers truly see and appreciate each other.

"The Echoes Of Our Love" (feat. Antonia Marquee) is the eleventh song from FunkVoyage. It's a mid-tempo r&b/pop groove talking about how a love can feel like deja vu. A feel good song, immediately put on summer playlists!

"You Got That Magic" (feat. Carlton Jumel Smith & Jeffrey Jones) is the tenth song from FunkVoyage. It's a up-tempo funk/pop groove with soul singer Carlton Jumel Smith confessing to being mesmerized by a lover. This song has an extended jam section lead by saxophonist Jeffrey Jones. Enjoy this hot joint into and throughout the summer!

"I Know You Loved Me" (feat. Antonia Marquee) is the ninth song from FunkVoyage. It's a mid-tempo funk/pop groove with female singer reminiscing about a past relationship that was good even though it did not last.

"I Want To Be Left Alone" (feat. Sweethang) is the eighth song from FunkVoyage. Its vibe feels like Nu Shooz meets Ella Mai. The powerful vocal delivers a clear message that the singer is finished with her lover.

"Let It Ride" (feat. Carlton Jumel Smith) is the seventh song from FunkVoyage. Its distinctive bass line is immediately mesmerizing. The groove is reminiscent of Sly Stone and Curtis Mayfield funk.

"No Standing By The Corner" (feat. Francis L.) is the sixth song from FunkVoyage and aims to be like Michael Jackson’s “Get On The Floor”, imploring you to participate in the party; “No Standing By The Corner”.

"Falling In Love On The Dance Floor", (feat. Antonia Marquee) is the fifth song from FunkVoyage and is about what the title suggests; falling in love on the dance floor (after quarantine has been lifted). 

"Party", (feat. Francis L.) is the fourth song from FunkVoyage and is about the world getting together after we control Covid-19.

"Keep On Dancin'", (feat. Mark Emory & Carlton Jumel Smith) is the third song from FunkVoyage. It was written by fathers to their children and encourages their children to be brave and believe in themselves. It encourages their children to see injustice and fight against it. Verse one is about self confidence. Verse two is about facing injustice foreboding the January 6, 2021 insurrection in the USA.

"Stand Together", (feat. Mark Emory) is the second song from FunkVoyage and is reflective of and in support of African Americans from an African America perspective. 

"School U" (feat. Mark Emory, CallScottie & Aaron Whitby) is a fun funk song about lovers negotiating who's running the show.

Enjoy our FunkVoyage Music Videos

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