Songs Available For Licensing

Remember Where You Came From
Let's Play
Ooh La La La
You Lift Me Back Up
Always Talking About Me
I Want To Be Left Alone
The Echoes Of Our Love
No Standing By The Corner
Falling In Love On The Dance Floor
I Don't Need You
I Know You Loved Me
Summer Of Love
Loving You Is Easy
The Hurt Is Setting Me Free
Getting Away
The Point
Chasing Sunsets
Never Find
Love In Repetition
When You Call Me Baby
Call Me
Just Want To Be With You
Let It Ride
Can You Come Over
You Can't Go
Home Cookin (Instrumental)
Pour Your Love On Me
When You See The Lights
More Than A Little Crush
We’re Rising Up
Even Though
I Stumble But Not Fall
Stand Together by FunkVoyage (feat. Mark
Gonna Fly
I'm The Man
You Got Me Hooked
Keep On Dancin (Explicit)
We Can Reach The Highest Clouds
School U
Narcissist (Back On The Shelf)
I Can Love You

Scores, Trailer & Sound Design Available for Licensing

You Know I Burn Up
Star Girl Score Cue 1
Running With The Night
Fight For Life
Classical Takes - Don't Stop Now
Eyes Of Athena
Get Down
Rising Tide
Saturn Dreams
Classical Takes - The Box
On the Rise
Steady As She Goes
The Plan
Sea Angel
Arrakis Kiss
You Know I Burn Up (Instrumental)
Get Down